New Tools for Creative Exploration

Framework Arts is creating a publishable body of contemporary art prompts generated through a team of teachers and a researcher that will be made available online for use at any Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program school.

Art/Inter/Acts is a curriculum building approach that invites teachers and students to use contemporary art practices and objects as sources of inspiration for observation, discussion and hands on production. Youth and educators work side-by-side, transforming their classroom communities into critically engaged sites for creative exploration.

We do this through a set of creative prompts which:
• Augment existing curriculum and can be inserted into teacher’s scope and sequence without major interruption
• Can be completed in as little as 30 minutes or can be longer if utilizing provided extensions
• Are appropriate for K-6
• Suggest accessible writing and art making interactions inspired by the art work and discussion
• Invite teachers and student to join a creative, digital community to share their interactions with teachers and students throughout the state