The League of Reluctant Bicyclists Opening Reception at UMOCA: June 28

At UMOCA from June 28 through November 2, 2019
The opening reception is June 28

Framework Arts presents the League of Reluctant Bicyclists, a participatory art project.

The League is born out of the need for subtle fellowship and solidarity that serves as a motivational nudge to get in the saddle, and a desire to explore and make visible the relationships involved in getting from one place to another.

During April 1-May 31, 2019, League members chose for themselves what their participation looked like – where and how often they rode – and documented that experience through photography, short written responses, and film footage collected by the project archivists. The project content was both revealed and shaped by member benefits, optional weekend meetups, the manifesto, and member testimonials.

This showcase chronicles the League’s experience through artifacts and interactive artworks that explore the spaces between reluctance and enthusiasm, riding and not riding, comfort and discomfort, two wheels and four.

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Shawn Teigen
WORK: An Audio-Visual Exploration of Effortful Lives

WORK is a collective, participatory art project generated by the students and families of Escalante Elementary in the Rose Park neighborhood of Salt Lake City. Over the course of several months, students photographed and audio recorded what the theme of work means to them and their families in their everyday lives.

“As a grassroots community radio station, this type of collaboration reflects KRCL’s 40-year history but also speaks to our future,” said Tristin Tabish, general manager.

Students investigated the concept of work in all its forms and are using a broad storytelling framework to present it through sound and images. They asked their families to answer such questions as:

  • What does work look like at home?

  • What kind of work do you help me do to be a good student and family member?

  • What kind of work do you do outside our home?

  • What job did you want when you were my age?

  • How do you feel appreciated for the work you do?

  • What kind of job do you hope I have one day? How do you want me to feel about that work?

You can listen to the audio here.

WORK was presented with assistance from The City Library and with funding from the Salt Lake City Arts Council. Eugene Tachinni provided photography instruction and Christian Camargo from KRCL produced the audio portion.  WORK was on display at Mestizo through the end of May and at the City Library in the Share Space during the Living Traditions Festival in May.

Community School Art Center

During the 2018-2019 school year, Framework Arts served over 500 students, families, and community members with the launch of the Community School Art Center at Escalante Elementary School. This model utilizes the school as a creative hub for the neighborhood with gallery display opportunities, family art classes (as part of Family Art Studio), and presentations from local young creatives about their careers and opportunities.

The year saw our largest attendance at Family Art Studio yet, with six separate classes and community partners (over 17 different nights) including the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Marriott Book Arts, Eugene Tachinni, KRCL, PEAU, and Saltgrass. We were also able to pilot a session of Family Art Studio at Mary W. Jackson Elementary with 40 people attending!

Shawn TeigenProjects
Wisdom of the Water Closet

Framework Arts will be at Alt Press Fest at the City Library this Saturday, October 13, from 12-5pm. Come by and see us and participate in...

Wisdom of the Water Closet – a participatory public artwork by Framework Arts

Latrinalia is a type of inscription made on latrines – that is, bathrooms or lavatory walls. Wisdom left in the water closet can take the form of art, drawings, or words. It can be simple or complex, personal or political. It transforms the stall into both a confessional and a public forum where we transfer our thoughts and advice to one another.

Surprise -- a lesson plan

art/inter/acts: Surprise -- inspired by the work of Brock Davis.

Photographer Brock Davis photographs everyday objects in unexpected ways to represent something else- such as a pile of blackberries transformed into a poodle, a pair of pencils transformed into chopsticks for rubber band noodles or a box of Kleenex that when set next to a picture of it, looks like a snow capped mountain.

snip surprise.PNG

Find the lesson plan here (in pdf): page 1 and page 2

Creative Career Talks
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Recognizing that we build a creative community over time and from the ground up, Framework Arts and The City Library have put together a program that helps elementary and middle school students learn about non-linear career paths and creative career opportunities through connecting with local creative professionals. Presenters conduct sessions at the Day Riverside Branch and at Escalante Elementary.

Creative professionals are defined broadly- traditional art careers such as visual arts, performing arts and art/museum educators, but also other creative fields such as hair stylists, fashion designers, dj's and tattoo artists.

Join us for this program out at Day Riverside Library the third Monday of every month.

This program is funded through the generous partnership of The City Library and the Salt Lake Arts Council’s Arts Learning Grants.

Shawn TeigenProjects
Interruption (audio piece)

A big thank you to Joy and Steven of 3irons for collaborating with Framework Arts on a new audio project exploring the idea of interruptions in the lives of the youth at Eve Carlston Academy. Thank you to the young participants for their thoughtful and thought provoking discussions and interviews. A great project!

Promise: A Participatory Artmaking Experiment

Join Framework Arts for a participatory art making activity entitled, “Promise.” Visit our table in the Urban Room to receive instructions and a conversation prompt card. Record your brief walk and talk to be included in our short audio piece documenting what the theme means in the everyday life of our communities.

Where: The City Library: Main Branch

December 29th 1pm -4pm and December 31 10am -1pm

Jesse WalkerPublic art
Disappointment (audio piece)

On November 13, 2016, people gathered for the first Framework Walk. They were given a conversation prompt and walked around Liberty Park while discussing “disappointment.” Join us for our next Framework Walk at the City Library on December 29 and 31 for “promise.” 

Jesse WalkerPublic art
Chalk Project

Framework Arts is currently engaged in a wide variety of projects - out in the community and behind the scenes. Find out more about us and the work we are doing on our current projects page.

Jesse WalkerPublic art
Escalante Mural Project

The Escalante Mural Project spanned the spring and summer of 2016. This mural was designed by the entire 5th grade class, with submissions from other grades and even parents as well. Two panels, 35 feet wide and 10 feet high fill the front foyer of the school. See it in all its glory here.

Shawn TeigenPublic art
Live hard. Color hard. Fundraiser!

Thanks to everyone who attended our first fundraiser on Friday night! It was a great success. And particularly because we weren’t raided by the liquor or gambling police. We followed all of the laws and we still had fun... once we stopped imagining accidentally using the word "raffle" or something and then having a swat team storm in.

Family Art Studio Classes at Escalante Elementary

Families making art together

Family Art Studio is a unique parent/child art class offered in the evenings at the school that the children attend. Families come together during 6-8 weekly sessions to find inspiration, make art, and eat dinner. Parents attend art classes with their children to create work focused on building personal visual narratives that are specific to their experiences.

Family Art Studio parent/child collaborative classes are:

  • A structured environment for parents to spend quality time in the school setting and build a sense of belonging in the school community.
  • A place where students can instruct their parents and showcasing their skills and expertise in the art room.
  • Parents and children negotiating a collaborative art making process.
  • A curriculum-building approach that invites participants to use contemporary art practices and objects as sources of inspiration for observation, discussion, and hands on production about themes relevant to their experiences

The theme for Spring 2017 was “If you really knew me…” For this session, Framework Arts collaborated with University of Utah faculty to conduct research examining among other things  a) how the participation and negotiation with artmaking between the adult and child influences their relationship in the family and their sense of cultural and racial identity, and b) whether it impacts a sense of belonging at the school. Sense of belonging is one of the critical factors for school success.

The theme for Spring 2016 was “Dreamers” as part of a collaboration with the Art Access Gallery. Families created family portraits and visual collages about their immigration and movement stories. This work was part of a gallery exhibit at Art Access during Fall 2016.