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The League of Reluctant Bicyclists Manifesto*

  1. Ride with us.

  2. Up until now, our lives have been governed by the desire to be comfortable and conveniently transported, giving into the sweeping currents of the status quo-y car-filled streets. We intend to enter the public space, slowly at first, sure, but then depending on the flow of traffic or our energy level, we will ride with courage, boldness and appropriate hand signals.

  3. We sing the love of 2 wheels over 4.  Yet we acknowledge that not going anywhere is fine too. Or walking from place to place while singing. Sometimes the song we sing is Right Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale.

  4. Ultimately, reluctant is a word, just a word, and the word a movement that literally moves through space on a bicycle. Very easy to understand. Quite terribly simple. To make of it an artistic tendency must mean that one is anticipating complications, such as not wanting to be on one’s bike, which may have happened a few times before, or always, but now we are riding out there together and documenting the experience therein.

  5. We find comfort in our discomfort, it is right there inside it.**

  6. Our relationship with our bike, the streets and our fellow riders is worthy of more than a subtle chin lift. We celebrate with a raised fist and festive yellow ribbons.

  7. Look at us! We are out of breath, our hearts are perhaps a bit tired, our calves tight. But they are nourished by righteous transportational choices and occasional traffic lights that are in our favor. Does this surprise you? If so, it is because you do not even remember being alive on your bike!

  8. Always be wearing whatever you want- what you look like does not matter.

*Appropriate and appropriated language from several 20th century art movement manifestos.

**Somewhat interested and very interested bicyclists also welcome.

Join us!